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Thank you for showing interest or applying for of our training courses on: Graphics Design, Motion Graphics / Editing, and Website Development / Design etc. You have made the right choice.
Grand Tech is 1 of Nigeria's leading provider of graphics / motion design, training and web development services.
Our courses are practical and designed to meet individual, group, team or departmental and institutional needs and objectives. We work hard to enhance individual learning and development as the means for creating a better workspace environment.


Digitally design, brand, create and edit photos etc
like a pro in less than 8 weeks. Graphics Design is an indispensable tool in the IT industry which is widely used lately. Start your career with us today.
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Motion Design

Motion graphic is a subset of graphic design in
that it uses graphic design principles in a film making or video production context through the use of animation or filmic techniques or tools etc.
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Web Design/Dev

Organizations need a website to reach out,
serve and support their client using current tech/tools to meet up to standard. Start Creating Stunning Responsive Website in 10 weeks.
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